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The bowling king is a game in which the main goal is to knock down all of the bowling pins in one strike, but the key is in the middle bowling pin known as a king pin. Another goal in the game is to throw the bowling ball as much better as you can. Normally, after every strike, bowling pins are returned and placed again as they were before the strike. More bowling pins you get knocked  down the higher score is. The bowling king game is specially reccomended for the people who are persistent and good at achieving their goals. It´s good to be familiar with the way of playing this game. However, scores are divided into  frames, each frame has three fields and those fields are sorted out with lines. Whenever you throw a bowling ball and knock down or not any of bowling pins your score is recorded in that little frame.  Really important part of the game is to "have the brain",  because there is always a person who is right or left handed, so it might be a problem to give an advice to your best friend or anyone else if you are different from this point of view. DON´T BE LIKE FEW OTHERS. What enough number of people thought is that you´ll knock down all of the bowling pins if you throw ball straight every time, but the ones who played it for a longer period of time realized that this is not a right way of playing, so watch out for that one common, little mistake. Controls of this game are quite easy. Only piece of computer equipment you actually need is mouse. Mouse pointer is to be pointed at the way where you want to throw your bowling ball, then you press left mouse button and when you are ready just release the button. Sure thing about this is that game is adjusted both to the right and left hand sided people.